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Cherry Hill, Caton MI| Camden & Saratoga, Novi MI| Town Commons, Howell MI

Cherry Hill , Canton MI

  • Overall Density: 4 units/acre
  • Open Space: 25%
  • ALL roads & parks private
  • Average price of home in Canton Area $400K, these homes run $30-$40k more to build
  • Price range: $170k-$800k
  • Lot size 40x100 (Cottage - alley loaded) , 55x110 (Village), 80x120 (Estate)
  • House size - 1400 sq ft up to 7000sq ft (avg 2300sq ft)


  • Multiple builders, all designs must be approved by LRK (firm hired to review)
  • Phase 1 completed, 80% occupied, phase 2 started, 3 planned to start in fall
  • Houses are raised 3' to create feeling
  • All models are built around park because you have to walk it to feel it
  • No school planned within housing portion of development. One will be across the street.
  • Required to build out as designed, sunset 15 years
  • Developer commented that people want traditional but some have to learn tolerance of mixed housing options (apt next door single family)
  • Four day charrette was held to plan community performing arts building
  • Use easement on adjoining property to make a usable side yard on one side.
  • No sign of kids, one group saw some riding bikes. There is no room for swings on individual properties. Community would have to provide them or alternative play structures at the parks (squares).
  • Commercial built but not leased yet. Big concern over viability of commercial.

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Camden & Saratoga , Novi MI

  • Overall Density: 4 units/acre
  • Open Space: 20% 
  • 'Affordable housing' for area $280k+
  • 42x110
  • 3200 sq ft livable space
  • Maximum distance between structures 12'
  • Staggered privacy areas


  • 56 houses on 14 acres
  • Flag comes with every home
  • Double fronted homes
  • Some walkouts, garage faces front
  • Saw one basketball backboard, otherwise no sign of kids


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Town Commons, Howell MI

  • Overall Density:
  • Open Space: 20%
  • 475 total living units
  • 175 single family
  • 80 senior housing (assisted living & Alzheimers)
  • 300 ROW housing or apartments
  • 1400 sq ft home cost $236k, condos from $170k


  • 30,000 sq ft commercial not doing well, commercial was built first so people knew what to expect. Good restaurant!

  • Office & apartments above commercial

  • Play structure in a park. Saw a kid on a scooter!

  • School is across the street (state trunk line) from development

  • Development statement includes wording that structures must file scale & detail of a traditional MI main street

  • Terminating views are very important - what are you looking at the end of the road


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