GVMC Staff Includes Certified Charrette Planner

Jay Hoekstra, Senior Planner, has trained with the National Charrette Institute (NCI) as a Certified Charrette Planner.

The NCI Certification Program includes the necessary tools and techniques to prepare individuals and organizations for planning, managing and facilitating a Charrette. Charrettes capable of transformative community change require careful planning and execution. The NCI Charrette Planner and Public Meeting Facilitator courses give the framework and the hands-on skills to successfully use the power of the dynamic charrette process.

An NCI Charrette combines this creative, intense work session with public workshops and open houses. The NCI Charrette is a collaborative planning process that harnesses the talents and energies of all interested parties to create and support a feasible plan that represents transformative community change.

This type of charrette IS:

  • At least four consecutive days
  • An open process that includes all interested parties
  • A collaborative process involving all disciplines in a series of short feedback loops
  • A process that produces a feasible plan
  • A generalist, holistic approach

This type of charrette is NOT:

  • A one-day workshop
  • A multi-day marathon meeting involving everyone all the time
  • A plan authored by a select few that will affect many
  • A “visioning session” that stops short of implementation

The National Charrette Institute (NCI) is a nonprofit educational institution. For more information on training go to http://www.charretteinstitute.org/.

If you are considering a municipal or neighborhood charrette, please also consider inviting GVMC Planning out to assist you in that effort.

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