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Non-Motorized Transportation

GVMC is responsible for planning for all modes of transportation in the Grand Rapids metropolitan region including pedestrian and bicycle traffic. A GVMC Non-Motorized Committee meets regularly to discuss pedestrian and bicycle issues. The Committee is responsible for identifying projects and priorities in the region that improve the non-motorized transportation network.

GVMC Transportation staff works with local communities, road providers, public transit, environmental groups, bicyclists, and the general public to help these projects and priorities become a reality. The GVMC Nonmotorized Committee maintains a Nonmotorized Plan which is used to guide policy and project decisions related to pedestrian and bicycle issues. The Plan is updated regularly to ensure that the needs of the public are being met.

If anyone has interest in participating on the Non-motorized Transportation Committee, please email or call Laurel Joseph, Transportation Planner, at (616) 776-7610. 

Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

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