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Training sessions at REGIS are available to our member agencies and are especially beneficial to new employees or those needing a refresher course. We also welcome those users who want continued education to gain advanced skills through our incremental learning approach. The training room at GVMC/REGIS can hold up to 8 people at a time. Training sessions are available on an “On Demand” basis.  Please contact the administrator at 616-776-7751 or  Once there is a full list of attendees (must be 4 or more) interested in one of the listed classes we will schedule the class. Thank you.

Our training program is hands-on; we encourage all participants to practice and become familiar with the concepts and tools presented in the training.

Upcoming Training

Class Descriptions

If you or members of your staff are in need of training, please contact the Help Desk at (616) 776-7744 or to discuss the various options available or to schedule a training time.

Beginner GIS (eREGIS) 

eREGIS training is an excellent introduction for new users into the world of GIS, or for users that don't need the full capabilities that ArcGIS provides. eREGIS is a set of web-based mapping applications.

eREGIS applications include:

  • Parcel Finder (public)
  • Cemetery Finder (public)
  • Zoning & Planned Land Use Finder (public)
  • Census Map (public)
  • Park Finder (public)
  • Utility Finder (password protected)

Each module includes the basic functions such as querying, accessing linked documents and printing map views. REGIS users who need access to more powerful GIS tools, can then graduate into the Intermediate and Advanced ArcGIS levels in the future.

Intermediate and Advanced GIS (ArcGIS), Parts I and II

ArcGIS training is designed for employees responsible for creating and manipulating maps. This level of the ArcGIS 10 suite of GIS applications is the "novice" level and the level at which most of the REGIS advanced GIS users will operate.

REGIS Agency staff will continue to work closely with all REGIS Participants to determine what training needs they may have and how best to meet those needs.

Smart/Bird's Eye Imagery (Pictometry Data

The REGIS Pictometry toolbar is used to access oblique images in REGIS. This course will introduce the user to the Pictometry toolbar and show how the different tools are used. 

Data Editing

Editing training is geared for those who have prior experience with ArcGIS and are responsible for maintaining data.


Cartography is one of our newest classes and focuses on using the Map Layout function. Prior completion of Intermediate GIS Part I is required. If you or members of your staff are in need of Cartography training.

Cemetery Editing Workshop

This workshop covers cemetery project set-up and how to get the table data once there are additions to each cemetery. We will also show map examples that have been created for some communities to use in the field or office.

Other Classes / Specialized Topics

New applications will mean more training to REGIS Participants. Additional classes are offered or will be developed at the request of users in the Participant communities. 

One-On-One Training

One-on-one training is available on a request basis on user-requested topics.