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About Environmental Programs

Environmental Programs at GVMC

GVMC’s Department of Environmental Programs was formed in the fall of 2013. The main work was focused on facilitating the NPDES Stormwater permits for GVMC communities and overseeing the efforts of the Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds. Since then, several staff and positions have been added and now the Environmental Programs employ a Director, a Stormwater Coordinator, an Environmental Education Coordinator, an Environmental Programs Associate, a GVSU Graduate Assistant, and several interns. We also provide office space for the staff from Grand Rapids Whitewater, since we work so closely with that project. Our work is funded through service fees for facilitating the stormwater permits, LGROW membership fees, and grants. The staff has elevated our department’s presence on social media and has been able to reach the far corners of the watershed and beyond to all of Region 4. See below for more detailed information about our work and our partnerships.