Grand Valley Metro Council


Membership Benefits

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

  • The MPO is responsible for planning and programming the annual expenditures, approximately $50,000,000 annually, of state and Federal (not local) transportation funds within the MPO boundary area.  The MPO also provides technical guidance to local governments regarding transportation planning issues.  The MPO also performs multimodal transportation studies to assess transportation needs and accessibility.  As a result, the MPO develops several work products, including annual roadway deficiencies list, a Four Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and a 20 year, at a minimum, Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). Please note that the MPO is a planning agency and not an implementing agency.  Projects are funded and implemented by other agencies such as MDOT, Road Commissions, Cities, Villages, Townships, and Transit agencies such as ITP and Hope Network.

Save Money

  • Consolidation of studies to avoid duplication; continually seeing ways to save money through consolidation; i.e., storm water, REGIS

  • Consultant study cooperation (NE Beltline, storm water, transit, corridor studies)

  • GVMC assistance for grants and other financial help

  • Free planning advice and technical assistance; resource for information

Be Inside the Decision Making Loop

  • Part of Big Picture and Vote on Policies that Actually Affect You

  • Make Use of GVMC Expertise: Be at the Table and Make a Difference on:

    • Water and Sewer Planning

    • Transportation Planning

    • Regional Land Use Planning

    • City-Township Cooperation Committee (annexation/detachment issues)

  • Receive Legislative Updates and Advocate:

    • Combine with 33 other units in promoting/commenting on legislation

    • Amplify voice in Lansing with 13 representatives and 8 senators

    • Establish legislative priorities

  • Participate in Growth Management Discussions; Help Integrate Farmland Issues in a Regional Plan

GVMC Members