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Transportation Improvement Program

Transportation Improvement Program

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) identifies proposed projects developed by local agencies in accordance with the joint regulations of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). These regulations establish the TIP as the programming phase of the overall continuing, comprehensive, and cooperative (3C) planning process. This planning process includes local jurisdictions, transit agencies, and state and federal transportation officials. All federal monies returned to the Grand Rapids metro area from the federal fuel tax are distributed through this process. 

Public notice of public participation activities and time established for public review of and comments on the TIP will satisfy the Program of Projects (POP) requirements for Section 5307 public involvement.    

FY2020-2023 TIP Development Updates

DRAFT FY2020-2023 TIP UPDATE: The draft FY2020-2023 TIP has been approved by the GVMC board and is moving forward for state and federal approvals.

At their meeting on June 6, the GVMC Board unanimously voted to approve the Draft FY2020-2023 TIP. It is now moving forward to get State and Federal approval, so final approval is in place by October 1, when Fiscal Year 2020 begins.

Links to the draft document, appendices, project lists, and an interactive map are available below. Hard copies of the document are available upon request at GVMC’s offices, located at 678 Front Avenue NW, Suite 200, Grand Rapids, MI, 49504. If you would like more information about the TIP document, or to submit comments about it, please contact Laurel Joseph by phone at (616) 776-7610, e-mail, or mail your correspondence to GVMC’s office (see address above). Comments can also be submitted by using the “Submit a Comment” button above.

Draft FY2020-2023 TIP Document (without appendices)
Draft FY2020-2023 TIP Project List
Draft FY2020-2023 TIP Illustrative List of Projects (currently unfunded)
Draft FY2020-2023 TIP Appendix A
Draft FY2020-2023 TIP Appendix B
Draft FY2020-2023 TIP Appendix C-I

Draft TIP 2020 - 2023 Project Interactive Map

Draft TIP 2020 - 2023 Project Interactive Map


GVMC Transportation Improvement Program 2014-2017

To view the list of deficient projects considered for improvement during the TIP development process, please click here. To view the list in map form, please click here
* available upon request

All comments should be sent to Laurel Joseph.

Federally-Obligated Projects

Federal transportation legislation requires an annual listing from urban areas detailing what projects received federal transportation funds the previous year. The list, linked below, encompasses all federally-obligated projects for the Grand Rapids metropolitan area for the year. Contact Laurel Joseph, Transportation Planner, if you have any questions on this list.

Click here for archived TIP documents

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