Grand Valley Metro Council

Budget & Finance

Financial Administration of the Grand Valley Metropolitan Council

The Grand Valley Metro Council operates on fiscal year that runs from October 1 through September 30.

Each year beginning in April, GVMC management prepares a detailed budget for the upcoming year that details anticipated revenues and budgeted expenditures for all GVMC operations, including multi-modal transportation planning (the GVMC Metropolitan Planning Organization or MPO), Planning and Strategic Initiatives, General Administration and the Regional Geographic Information System (REGIS) Agency. Each July the GVMC Executive Committee reviews the proposed budget and recommends it to the GVMC Board of Directors in August for a preliminary review.  Following extensive review by the GVMC Board and posting for public review, the GVMC Board conducts a formal public hearing each year at the September GVMC Board meeting and then votes on the budget as proposed.

Throughout the fiscal year, executive management carefully monitors revenues and expenditures to ensure that the organization is operating within the authorized budget. From time to time throughout the fiscal year, executive management and the Executive Committee may recommend budget amendments for Board approval to assure that revenues and expenditures remain in balance. 

In October of each year, GVMC contracts with an independent, outside auditing firm to analyze GVMC's financial performance for the past fiscal year, to assure that the budget has been followed and that appropriate controls are in place to protect the assets of the Grand Valley Metropolitan Council.