Grand Valley Metro Council
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Grand River Restoration

Grand River Revitalization and Rapids Restoration

The Grand Valley Metropolitan Council is working with Grand Rapids Whitewater (GRWW) on this project through the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP). GRWW is an organization whose purpose is to restore the Grand River "to a more natural state for fish and creatures, remove dangerous dams, and create ways for people to access and use the river. Through ongoing scientific study, planning, design, and working group meetings with federal, tribal, and city representatives, a full river revitalization project is underway with expected social, environmental, and economic benefits".

The Grand Rapids Revitalization project proposes to improve the Grand River through Grand Rapids from Ann Street to Fulton Street. Click here to view the project area map.

Proposed improvements will consist of:

  • Remove five aging low-head dams, including the Sixth Street dam
  • Reveal the submerged natural bedrock rapids
  • Recreate the lower rapids by installing boulders and cobble
  • Construct a new adjustable structure to maintain the rowing waters, provide fish and boat passage, meet required flood protection measures, and prevent non-native sea lamprey from migrating upstream
  • Restore historic spawning areas for State-threatened Lake Sturgeon
  • Improve places for fish and other creatures to thrive as they once did
  • Provide increased accessibility to the river for a variety of recreational users, resulting in community and economic benefits

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