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New ArcGIS 9 Extensions Available

Thursday, April 27, 2006

After receiving several requests, REGIS Agency staff have added one license each of Spatial Analyst and 3-D Analyst along with the existing Network Analyst extensions we have on the servers. These extensions are available to all REGIS ArcGIS 9 users and information on each follows:

ArcGIS Spatial Analyst

Spatial Analyst adds a set of advanced spatial modeling and analysis tools to ArcGIS. Using Spatial Analyst, you can derive new information from your existing data, analyze spatial relationships, and build spatial models integrating core ArcGIS and Spatial Analyst tools. With Spatial Analyst, you can: find suitable locations; find the best path between locations; perform integrated raster/vector analysis; perform distance and cost-of-travel analyses; perform statistical analysis based on the local environment, small neighborhoods, or predetermined zones; generate new data using simple image processing tools; interpolate data values for a study area based on samples; and clean up a variety of data for further analysis or display.

ArcGIS 3-D Analyst

3D Analyst allows you to effectively visualize and analyze surface data. Using this extension you can view a surface from multiple viewpoints, query a surface, determine what is visible from a chosen location on a surface, create a realistic perspective image that drapes raster and vector data over a surface, and record or perform three-dimensional navigation. With ArcGIS 3D Analyst you can: create three-dimensional views directly using your GIS data; analyze three-dimensional data using cut/fill, line-of-sight, and terrain modeling; view your data from a global to local perspective; navigate through multiresolution terrain data seamlessly; do spatial analysis in two or three dimensions; visualize modeling or analysis results in three-dimensions; use three-dimensional models and symbols for realism; and export your visualizations into videos.

ArcGIS Network Analyst

Network Analyst is a powerful extension that provides network-based spatial analysis including routing, travel directions, closest facility, and service area analysis. This extension enables users to dynamically model realistic network conditions, including turn restrictions, speed limits, height restrictions, and traffic conditions, at different times of the day. With Network Analyst, you can conduct d rive-time analysis, point-to-point routing, route directions, service area definition, shortest path, optimum route, closest facility, or origin-destination analysis.

For more information, how to access these extensions or any other questions, please contact the REGIS Help Desk.


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