Grand Valley Metro Council

Land Use & Transportation

Land Use and Transportation

2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Land Use Goal

"Strengthen the link between transportation and land use policies to encourage people and businesses to live and work in a manner that improves access to the entire transportation system for all users."

Coordination with Local Partners

During every MTP update cycle, GVMC staff meets with the local agencies in the planning area to discuss population and employment demographic projections, as well as what type of development is expected in each area in the coming years.  These meetings help refine the input data that is used in the travel demand model. 

Scenario Planning

The Federal Final Rule on Statewide and  Nonmetropolitan Transportation Planning and Metropolitan Transportation Planning, published on May 27, 2016 established the option for MPOs to use scenario planning during the development of MTPs. This is one possible tool that could be used to help inform decisionmakers regarding the potential impacts of various investments and policies on the transportation system condition and performance.

Banner photo by Andrew Jameson (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons