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GVMC Draft Consultation Plan Available for Public Comment

GVMC is seeking input from consultation organizations and the public on GVMC’s newly developed draft Consultation Plan. The Consultation Plan describes how GVMC engages stakeholder organizations responsible for the following areas during the planning process for our short-range Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP):

  • Economic growth and development

  • Environmental protection

  • Airport operators

  • Freight movement

  • Land use management

  • Natural resources

  • Conservation

  • Historical preservation

  • Human service transportation providers

  • Tribal organizations

As the MPO for Kent and eastern Ottawa County, GVMC is federally required to involve these organizations in the planning process. The Consultation Plan is open for comment through Thursday, October 31. Comments should be directed to Andrea Faber, Transportation Planner, and may be submitted by email, phone (616.776.7603), fax (616.774.9292), online using the “Submit a Comment” button, or sent to the following address:

Grand Valley Metropolitan Council
678 Front Ave. NW, Suite 200
Grand Rapids, MI 49546.

Comments may also be submitted in person. Questions concerning the Consultation Plan should be directed to Andrea Faber.

Andrea Faber