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Air Quality Conformity Analysis is Available for Public Comment

In January of 2019, MDOT conducted an air quality conformity analysis for Kent and Ottawa Counties based on the 1997 ozone standard. Emissions estimates were generated from the project lists for GVMC’s, WestPlan’s, and the MACC’s current Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Long Range Transportation Plans, as well as the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The staff of the GVMC, WestPlan, and MACC find that the LRTPs and TIPs conform to the State Implementation Plan (SIP) for the 1997 ozone standard based on the results of the conformity analysis.

The conformity analysis document is subject to public comment. GVMC’s public comment period will run from Wednesday, February 27 – Wednesday, March 20. Please submit comments to Andrea Faber by email, by phone at (616) 776.7603, or online. Comments received will be recognized and considered, and a response provided. On Wednesday, March 20, at the regularly scheduled Policy Committee meeting, the Policy Committee will be asked to make a formal conformity determination, through a resolution, that the findings of the conformity analysis conform to the SIP.

For more information, please visit our Air Quality Conformity page.

Andrea Faber