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FY2020-2023 TIP Development Update: The Draft FY2020-2023 TIP is Complete and Open for Public Comment

The draft TIP document describes transportation priorities for the next four years and includes feedback received from the consultation and public involvement processes and information regarding the Environmental Justice (EJ) analysis. 

There will be opportunities for the public to comment on the draft TIP document at our May Technical and Policy Committee meetings and our June Board meeting. Times and dates for the meetings, as well as links to the draft document, project lists, appendices, and an interactive map, are available on our TIP page. Hard copies of the TIP document are available upon request at GVMC’s office, located at 678 Front Avenue NW, Suite 200, Grand Rapids, MI, 49504.

If you wish to comment on the draft document but are unable to attend one of these meetings, comments will be accepted up until GVMC’s Board meeting on Thursday, June 6. If you would like more information about the TIP document, or to submit comments about it, please contact Laurel Joseph by phone at (616) 776-7610, e-mail, or mail your correspondence to GVMC’s office (see address above). Comments can also be submitted online on our TIP page using the “Submit a Comment” button.

Andrea Faber