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Safety and Security Planning

Traffic Safety Planning

Traffic crashes are a leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths in Michigan and across the country. Traffic crashes produce not only personal tragedy, but increased burdens on the region due to medical and insurance costs, lost production potential, and delay of passengers and freight.

GVMC takes a proactive approach to addressing safety concerns on the Federal Aid road network. GVMC tries to integrate safety considerations into the transportation planning processes at all levels.

A Regional Traffic Safety Plan is a locally-coordinated effort that assists local agencies in taking a proactive stance in reducing and preventing local road fatalities and injuries. The traffic safety plan provides an opportunity to improve relationships among stakeholders by working through a collaborative process, which results in improved road safety benefiting everyone. The purpose of creating the Traffic Safety Plan is to identify the unique issues and assist with making informed safety investment decisions to reduce fatalities and serious injuries for all road users.

West Michigan Traffic Safety Plan (2017)

GVMC Traffic Safety Plan Draft (2018)

Federal Safety Performance Measures

Currently, under the FAST Act, State DOT’s and MPO’s are required to establish performance targets and report on the progress made toward achieving each of these performance targets. The safety performance measures are listed below:

  • Total number of traffic related fatalities on all public roads
  • Rate of traffic related fatalities on all public roads per 100 million VMT
  • Total number of traffic related serious injuries on all public roads
  • Rate of traffic related serious injuries on all public roads per 100 million VMT
  • Total number of non-motorized fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads

Local Safety Projects

The Grand Valley Metro Council encourages its members to apply for Federal funding using local safety funds. Local safety projects are endorsed by the Grand Valley Metro Council before submittal to MDOT; however, projects are not prioritized in any order. Eligible projects may include replacement, installation or elimination of guardrail, traffic signal installation and upgrades, horizontal and vertical curve corrections, sight distance and drainage improvements, bridge railing replacement or retrofit, approach guardrail, roadway intersection improvements to improve safety and/or capacity. The Michigan Department of Transportation accepts applications for local safety programs on a yearly basis. However, not all projects will be funded. The following projects were endorsed by the Grand Valley Metro Council and received safety funding:

2017 & 2018 Programed Safety Projects

Tips For Getting Your HSIP Project Funded

additional information:

For more information on safety planning contact George Yang.

Security Planning

Increasing the security of the transportation system for motorized and non-motorized users is one of the planning factors that must be considered as part of the regional transportation planning process. As a result, GVMC has incorporated security in the MTP goals and objectives and participated in regional Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) efforts. GVMC also coordinates with various safety and security agencies through the MTP and TIP development consultation processes.

Regional Security Planning Resources

In 2017 Kent and Ottawa Counties joined efforts to update their comprehensive Hazard Mitigation Plan, which includes transportation-related hazards. Click the picture below to review this valuable resource.