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Traffic Monitoring

Traffic Monitoring

This traffic count data base contains raw traffic count information collected from local jurisdictions and the Michigan Department of Transportation annually. The counts represent 24 hour two-way volumes unless otherwise noted. The data is not adjusted to account for any traffic flow changes that may result from seasonal fluctuations. All attempts are currently made to obtain counts during mid-week average flow conditions.

The user of this data should use all appropriate precautions and good judgment when referencing data contained within the following resources. GVMC staff does attempt to verify that the count data is reasonable, but due to the volume of data received each year some counts may appear to be higher or lower than expected. If you find a count location with a volume that does not seem reasonable please contact GVMC staff for verification.

Available Traffic Count Resources:



This feature allows the user to interactively view and search traffic count data through a Google Maps interface. Current and historic count records are available for query.  To view introductory material on how to get started please click on the document link below “Search the Map – Tutorial”.

Search the Map - Tutorial pdf