Grand Valley Metro Council

Transit Coordination & Planning

Transit Coordination and Planning

Transit is an important part of regional mobility and transportation planning. GVMC continuously coordinates and partners with the region's public transit providers as part of the MPO's short- and long-range planning processes. 

Regional Transit Providers

Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plans

Federal transit law requires that projects selected for funding under the Enhanced Mobility for Individuals and Individuals with Disabilities (Section 5310) Program be included in a locally developed, coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan. These plans identify the transportation needs of individuals with disabilities, older adults, and people with low incomes; provide strategies for meeting these needs; and prioritize transportation services for funding and implementation. 

As part of a Veterans Transit Community Living Initiative (VTCLI) grant through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), supplemented with state and federal funding administered by
the Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) Office of Passenger Transportation, a statewide transportation study was undertaken to identify regional gaps in mobility, particularly for people with limited transportation options such as veterans, older adults, individuals with disabilities, and people with lower incomes. The result of the study was coordinated mobility plans based on the Governor's Prosperity Initiative. The Coordinated Mobility Plan for Prosperity Region 4 includes the GVMC planning area and can be viewed by clicking the link below. 

Coordinated Mobility Plan: Prosperity Region 4

In addition to the Prosperity Region 4 Mobility Plan, ITP-The Rapid developed a Coordinated Public Transit Plan for Kent County. The most recent version of this plan was adopted by the ITP Board in January, 2017. Click the link below for details.

Kent County Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan