Grand Valley Metro Council


Freight Planning

Grand Valley Metro Council has been continuing to promote freight planning throughout the development of the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). Some of the activities GVMC has been involved in include the following:


Freight Activities/Participation

  • MDOT State Rail Plan
  • Worked with The Right Place to gather Freight Subcommittee for the Long Range Transportation Plan development
  • Grand Rapids Chamber Logistics Study

Critical and Urban Freight Corridors Initiative

The National Highway Freight Newtwork (NHFN) consists of four subsytems:

  • Primary Highway Freight System (PHFS)
  • Portions of the Interstate system not part of the PHFS
  • Critical Rural Freight Corridors (CRFCs)
  • Critical Urban Freight Corridors (CUFCs)

CRFCs and CUFCs are important freight corridors that provide connectivity to the NHFN.  MDOT it currently coordinating with the Grand Rapids MPO and its members to help define this network.  By designating CRFCs and CUFCs, this will make them eligible for the use of NHFP formula funds and FASTLANE Grant Program funds.  Since there is very limited mileage allowed by federal regulation, the statewide approach is to develop a network of eligible corridors, which would receive formal designation if federal freight funding is requested for a project on a specific route. To access the current Draft version of what has been proposed by the MPO please click here.



  • Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce Freight Committee meetings (meetings are from 8-9 a.m. quarterly):
    • 07/22/15
    • 01/23/14
    • 10/24/13
    • 04/25/13
    • 01/24/13
    • 10/25/12
    • 07/26/12
    • 03/26/12
    • 01/26/12
  • Various rail-related freight


  • Michigan Rail Conference August 19-20, 2015 (Included freight breakout session)
  • Michigan Rail Conference on August 27th, 2013 (Included freight breakout session)
  • National Highway Institute Webinar: Course FHWA-NHI-139006, Session 25252 “Integrating Freight in the Transportation Planning Process (Web-Based Training)” May 2013
  • Freight Performance Measures Workshop – May 2012
  • Engaging the Private Sector in Freight Planning – June 2011